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6/8'' Flat Polyester Custom Printed Neck Strap

Flat Polyester Strip Printed Lanyard

Cardress flat polyester non-breakaway and no-flip full color custom print lanyards with free consultation and design service.

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Customized Printed Full Color Flat Polyester Lanyards

Customized Printed Full Color Lanyards

Cardress B3 custom print full color wide lanyards, twist-free and adjustable length with retractable badge reel combo.

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Customized Printed Flat Polyester Full Color Lanyards

Custom Print Wide ID Badge Lanyards

Cardress customized twist-free flat polyester B2 lanyards, face forward always. Full color printed, your best choice.

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Customized Full Color Lanyards Fashion Design

Fashion Design ID Card Neck Strap

Cardress customized print polyester B1 lanyards with full color dots pattern fashion design.

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Round Cord No Flip Breakaway Safe Lanyards

ID Badge Holder With Round Cord Lanyard

Cardress round cord no flip safety breakaway lanyards, sports and young style safe neck strap for students.

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Safety Breakaway Round Cord Lanyards

Easy To Break Away Your Lanyard

Students safety breakaway ID lanyard, ultra simple and hidden design, detachable badge clip fast release with badge holder.

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Silicone Rubber Wrist Strap Handy Badge Holder

Silicone Rubber Wristband Retractable Badge Clip

Cardress S1 silicone rubber wrist strap handy badge holder for bus card, metro card and access card wear on backpack.

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