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Cardress Business Story

Background story: Amy is a CEO of an internet company. Caroline is Amy's assistant. Wayne is Amy's boss. Cleo is Amy's potential cooperative partner. Effy is a senior executive of an IT company, who w...

What A Fantastic Clear Plastic ID Holders

Cardress: The Manufacture And Original Designer Cardress is the world-class design and manufacture for clear plastic ID badges since 2013, which has supplied businesses and organizations from Fortune ...

3 Questions When Purchasing ID Badges

As an office manager or security manager or purchaser searching for identification (ID) badges for your staff. The quality of ID badges you choose to supply your staff reflects the type of business yo...

From ID Badge Holder To Assess A Company Profitable Or Not

Recently our team made an analysis on our customers we found an interesting thing. In generally speaking (NOT IN ALL CASES), a company in good condition will choose the original and Pat...

ofo-Smart Bike Sharing Service Provider For

China was the largest Bicycle country till to 1990s, but 20 years later in 2013 it dropped to 14%. In 2017, China is pulling back the world to bicycle wheel with bike sharing service. 32 million daily...

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